Can Interactive Technology Save Retailer Stores?

February 28, 2023


Are high street retailers doomed? We’re only two months into the New Year and established businesses such as Jessops, HMV and Republic have been claimed victims of administration - will high streets become ghost towns?

The internet has had a profound effect on brick and mortar retailers. In fact, shoppers spent 12% more online in 2016 than the previous year whilst Britons are the biggest online shoppers in the developed world. But a retailer will always have the advantage of being able to purchase a product right there and then. It’s not about retailers competing with their own online stores; it’s about offering the customer something different.

So how do you convince people to ditch their mouse and keyboard for the high street? By immersing them in an experience their PC screen can’t offer. Technology is slowly entering the retail environment and it’s bound to become more prominent in the very near future.

I’ve picked several examples which showcase how the retail environment can become more interactive.

If all else fails, there’s nothing like discounts to get people through the doors. Store cards and coupons are things of the past - the future lies with augmented reality.

And even the simple Coke vending machines are getting interactive…

Do you think an interactive shopping experience can save retail stores? Tell me in the comments section below.


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