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November 10, 2023


While online shopping encourages consumers to spend money online, there are also several websites that help you save money instead. Take a look at three sites that will help you keep your cash.

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Let’s face it, there are times when you receive a gift card as a present and while the thought was appreciated, the card is for a shop you never, ever visit. Fear not, giftcardconverter.co.uk is the answer. Instead of letting that card fester in your wallet, sell it on this gift card exchange website. The website will host the sale for you, taking a 10% commission from the card’s total once it sells (which is fine if you received the card as a gift). That puts cash in your pocket to pick up the item you truly had your eye on. Or, buy a discounted gift card from the website for the shop you prefer!

The discounts on the cards range in amount, so search the site for your best deal. For example, a Pizza Express card worth £104.55 is currently selling for £80, a saving of £24.99, while a Selfridges card worth £200 is selling for £190, saving you £10.


If you are one to avoid illegal downloading, check out tunechecker.com. This music comparison website is easy to use and effective. Enter in the artist or album name and click to compare both CD and MP3 download prices from several websites.

For example, the latest Florence & The Machine album, Ceremonials, ranges in price from £5.00 on 7digital.com to £10.99 on amazon.co.uk. The CD version goes for about £8.99 all around.

It also often has free downloads of albums or songs. (Currently you can download a mix of Coldplay songs).


If you have junk/treasures lying around your house and are thinking of giving it away, consider first posting it on freecycle.org, where you can also pick up some quality items for F-R-E-E. Once you register (for free) with the give and get community, you will be placed in a locally focused group. People from your area will post items for giveaway and if it suits your fancy, arrange pick up or drop off and it’s yours! The online community, run by volunteers, works best if you contribute by both getting free items but also giving your unwanted stuff away. While it was developed in the US, there are UK communities on freecycle.org, or try the UK based version, Freegle.

These websites are handy tools when shopping online. Have a look and compare prices. You’re sure to find a deal that will save you cash.

Have you found any great money saving websites? Let us know in the comments below.

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