Halloween boosts retailer’s sales

November 1, 2023


Even though the country is the middle of a recession (it’s said we are coming out of it, but all those scheduled cuts don’t look too good), there is one thing that retailers are still looking forward to, and that’s Halloween. While Halloween may seem like more of an American holiday, it is definitely growing in popularity in the UK more and more, with Tesco claiming it has overtaken their Valentine’s Day sales. Clearly there are more people wanting to dunk for apples and dress up as zombies than there are people who want to buy a card and a bunch of flowers for a lady friend.

The retail analyst Planet Retail have suggested that retailers could be looking at a boost of around £280m, which is a lot higher than last year’s £235m. Considering sales in 2001 only reached around £12m, it is obvious that people are getting more and more into Halloween.

The main reason for the increase in popularity is thought to be down to supermarkets offering an increased range of Halloween products. With everything being a lot cheaper than normal stores, and right there when you’re going for your weekly shop anyway, it is making it a lot easier for people to splash out at Halloween.

Tesco have a huge range on sale, including 5 different kinds of toffee apples, and expect that they will sell around £55m worth of Halloween goods, with only Christmas and Easter bringing them in more money.

This year also sees the launch of Cadbury’s Screme Eggs, which are like Crème Eggs, but filled with green filling. Yummy. This comes on the back of a lot of other chocolate retailers producing Halloween specific treats.

A final reason for the boost is that Halloween is no longer seen as a children’s holiday, with a fair few adults buying Halloween costumes too. TV series like True Blood and the Twilight movies have been blamed for the older generations deciding to dress up as something ghoulish on Halloween.

So overall Halloween seems like a good time for the retailers of the UK, and even though Halloween isn’t as big as it is across the pond, it does seem like we’re catching up.

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