Man U Seeks NYSE Listing

July 4, 2023

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Manchester United F.C. has applied to join the New York Stock Exchange, seeking a share sale of $100m (£64m).

The decision comes nearly a year after its plan to raise $1bn on the Singapore stock market, which was approved and later put on hold due to overall market instability.

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The club is currently owned by the Glazer family, who hope to use their stock exchange earnings to reduce the club’s £423m debt.

According to this BBC report, analysts see the family’s low IPO share sale figure as a sign of just how burdened the club is with large debts and high interest rates. However, the $100m share sale is thought to be only a ‘placeholder’ and it’s expected that the club is actually seeking to raise a far greater amount down the pipeline.

Now, let’s honour the occasion by watching this clip of Rooney from back in his bald days:

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