How hard is it to spend a footballer’s salary?

November 28, 2023


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We all know that top footballers have earnings that not only border on the ridiculous, but go crashing through the check-point into the land of the ludicrous.

Cameroon superstar Samuel Eto’o ‘earns’ a reported £300,000 a week playing for billionaire funded Russian outfit Anzhi Makhacakala. If you were on a footballer’s salary, wouldn’t you run out of things to buy?

There are only so many flash cars and bling you can buy. It’s clear Wayne Rooney faces the same dilemma. His next investment went on…wait for it… a shed.

But this isn’t any old shed. He’s only gone and hired an award winning team of architects to design one for the back of his £4 million mansion. It may seem like an odd request for the crack team of architects who are more accustomed to designing shopping centres and residential homes.

This is a good example of footballers receiving so much money they don’t know what to do with it, but Mario Balotelli trumps them all I think.

For instance, it was suggested he had received parking fines worth around £10,000. Forever parking his Maserati on double yellow lines on the streets of Manchester, the car was impounded 27 times. He’s now hired a £3,000 a week chauffeur who works for him full time.

Elsewhere, he was once pulled over by police while having £25,000 in cash on the passenger seat. Asked why he had so much money, he replied ‘Because I can’. Similarly, when he crashed his car, the police found he had £5,000 in cash in his back pocket. When questioned he replied ‘Because I am rich’.

After a successful night where he won £25,000 at the casino, he gave £1,000 of his winnings to a homeless man. Why? Because he had ginger dreadlocks and a beard. Apparently his generosity knows no bounds, often giving £20 notes to Big Issue sellers without taking a magazine. He also handed a mime artist who was performing on the street a £20 tip.

And lastly, his mum asked him to nip out and get an iron, an ironing board and other cleaning products. Her son returned with none of the items from the list his mum provided. But he didn’t come home empty handed. In a five hour trip he returned with a large trampoline, a Scalextric set, two Vespa scooters and a table tennis set.

Who said footballers are overpaid?

Are footballers overpaid? Tell us in the comments section below.


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