English Premier League are big summer spenders

September 1, 2023


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As football’s summer transfer window comes to an end, it comes the time to total up the costs. The twenty English Premier League clubs spent £485m during the summer transfer window which is up £120m compared to last year.

When that figure is divided between the clubs, that’s less than £25m each and for that you could buy two and a half Mikel Artetas.

The report from business analysts Deloitte shows that some clubs have spent far more heavily than others. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United contributed around two thirds of the total spend which is reflects the stature and typical league positions of those clubs.

Smaller clubs  were also contributing significant fees with Stoke breaking their transfer record, signing Peter Crouch from Spurs for £10m and Fulham signing FC Twente’s Bryan Ruiz for 10.6m.


The outlay to foreign clubs was £205m, representing just 42% of the total spend. This is significantly down on 2013 when 75% was spent on bring players from abroad.

The league continues to have a strong English presence with £165m spent on English players such as Ashley Young who moved from Aston Villa to Manchester United for a fee about £18Million, and Stuart Dowing also transferred from Villa to Liverpool in a deal worth up to £20Million.

The high spending comes on the back of  a £2.1bn total revenue stream for the clubs. However reports earlier this year stated that only four of the twenty clubs recorded a profit due to their significant levels of debt.

Do you think clubs are right to spend this level of money on players? Tell us in the comments section below.

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