The world’s most expensive and useless things

June 29, 2023



Do you like spending your cash on useless stuff? If that’s the case, today’s your lucky day.

Have a look at the list we’ve prepared, you may find your next object of desire!

1. Damien Hirst’s diamond skull

Damien Hirst’s work has always been pretty controversial. We don’t know what he was thinking of when he created this platinum skull with 8,601 encrusted diamonds and a 52-carat stone fixed on the forehead.

The skull is now property of an investment group, which bought it for $100 million.

Damien Hirst's skull via Wikipedia

2. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

The antenna band of this iPhone is covered with 100 carats of diamonds and the Apple logo is recreated using 53 additional diamonds. If you have $8 million it’s all yours!

Stuart Hughes iPhone via Winarco

3. The Bird Trainer doll

Do you love birds and flutes? Well, then you’re going to love the Bird Trainer, a $6,250,000 doll that lifts a flute to his mouth and blows the song below. The good thing is you won’t need to spend any money on batteries as the doll is powered by a spring and gears system. Sounds like a deal!

4. Lake Forest Confections

Need a Valentine’s Day gift? What about a $1,500,000 chocolates box by gourmet chocolatiers Lake Forest Confections?

Chocolates box via Ayzor

5. New York City parking spot

12 feet wide and 23 feet long, those are the dimensions of the most expensive parking spot in New York. Located inside an eight-story luxury building at 66E 11th St, it’s all yours for just $1 million.

Image via Daily Mail

6. Hello Kitty Jewel Doll

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the cartoon cat in 2012, Sanrio partnered with Swarovski to create this 4-inch doll valued at $167,000 and made of solid platinum studded with pieces of white topaz, pink sapphires and a diamond on her signature bow.

Hello Kitty via Most Expensive

7. Diamond studded cricket ball

Presented at the 2010 Cricket World Cup tournament, this cricket ball is studded with 5,728 diamonds and is worth $68,500.

Cricket Ball via Oddeee

8. Diamond-encrusted Bluetooth headset

If you feel like your black plastic handset is not enough, what about upgrading to this $50,000 handset?

Headset via Born Rich

9. Gold Gameboy

The gold Gameboy is the most expensive gaming console in the world. The case is made out of 18K gold and diamonds are placed around the screen. The price? Only $25,000.

Image via So Stadium Status

10. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza

New York’s restaurant Nino’s Bellissima made the world’s most expensive pizza. The 12-inch pizza, topped with Petrossian caviar, crème fraiche and Maine lobster tail, was valued at $1,000.

Nino Bellissima's Pizza via It's Luxury

What other expensive and useless items would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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