Insuring Wayne Rooney - is he worth it?

July 27, 2023

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We all have insurance on the things valuable to us - our homes, our cars our mobiles. We pay up every month happy with the peace mind that comes with the cover in case the worst should happen.

There are other types of insurance out there of course - bunny insurance, anyone? - and most of us will never have to worry about them. It doesn’t make them any less interesting, though.

Take footballers - talented sportsmen, making the kind of money in a week most of us will only ever dream of. But what happens if they hurt their feet - damn fragile metatarsals - and can’t play? Well, just we do with our cars and phones, footballers have their valuables insured.

Imagine insuring Wayne Rooney. Check out the graphic below, put together earlier this year by the folks at Confused.com and published on visual.ly, to see how much it probably costs Wayne Rooney to insure his talented tootsies, and how the cost of his policy could be calculated.

What have you had insured that you’d be lost without? Are you happy to pay the monthly premium or do you think you could get a better deal?

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