How to spend £5 or less on your mobile phone bill

November 21, 2023

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I’m not a huge fan of phone calls, mainly because they cost money, but I’ve figured out a way to spend no money on phone calls at all.  It’s very easy and anyone can do it, but it won’t work if everyone does it, for reasons that will become clear, so this is strictly between you and me.




Easy steps 1-2-3

  1. Ask your friends and family if they have an old brick phone they don’t use anymore that they are willing to give you for free.  Brick phones last for days on a charge and do two things very well, receive messages and receive calls.  No internet, no data charges.
  2. Get yourself a free ‘pay as you go’ SIM, any network! It doesn’t matter.
  3. This plan requires you work in an office with an internet connection and you have an internet connection at home.  Here’s the clever part, when you need to talk to a friend simply message them for free from esemes.co.uk asking them to call you back as you have no credit in your stupid old phone.

Ground work and maintenance:

It’s a good idea to spend around £5 a month sending the odd message so people don’t twig that you’re at it.  I also find it’s helpful to moan about your ‘silly old phone and how difficult it is to top it up’, as well as saying you really should get a new one, whenever you are around friends.

If you’re not brazen enough to give this a go, check out my blog post next week for some more orthodox money saving tips for mobile phone bills.

If you have any good money saving tips for mobile phone use let me know in the comments. If their good I’ll include them in my next post.

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