Men spend twice as much on Halloween costumes as women

October 25, 2023


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Research conducted by THS Omnibus has revealed that even in the current time of economic downturn, Halloween is still a major spending priority for many people. The survey showed that retailers could expect to earn up to £180m from Halloween-related purchases this year, including sales of party foods, drinks and sweet. The results also revealed an interesting gender disparity; men plan to spend twice as much on their Halloween costumes as women.

Halloween revelers in Britain spend an average of £30 each on their costumes but men appear more willing to splash out on something a little more extravagant, spending an average of £43 each. Women, by contrast, spend just £20 each on their costumes. Unfortunately, THS Omnibus don’t offer an explanation for why men spend more but it may be that women often have more clothes that can be temporarily re-purposed for fantasy dress while men often have to buy an entirely new outfit.

The findings also overturn the myth of the miserly Scots, showing that Halloween is more popular north of the border than in many parts of England, with people in Scotland spending an average of £32 each on Halloween-related items compared to £23 in the English midlands.

Halloween has become increasingly popular in Britian in recent years and has shifted from being a festival for children to one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, with many adults throwing extravagant parties. For retailers, it occupies a convenient midpoint between back-to-school spending at the end of summer and the start of the Christmas shopping period in the late autumn/early winter.

The ongoing economic difficulties doesn’t seem to have affected Halloween festivities in the United States either, where Halloween sweet sales are expected to be up 9% on 2012 figures.

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