Extreme money saving: 10 top tips

October 6, 2023


Photo by Community Friend via flickr

Here’s a top ten extreme money saving list for all you zealous thriftmongers out there. Beware though, it’s only for the most hardcore spendthrifts.

  1. Don’t buy little kids toys at christmas: just give them the box.  You know that’s what they’ll end up playing with anyway.
  2. Eat roadkill. Save money at the butchers by making your very own fox burgers.
  3. Save on kitty litter: train your cat to use a potty. (Obligatory cat video below)
  4. Pee on your plants. Why waste money on plant food when you flush away lots of top-notch fertiliser every day?
  5. Make some nettle soup. Nettles are nutricious and free, just make sure to cook them before you try to eat them.
  6. Forget the personal trainer, babysit for a friend with a small child.  Give the kid a handful of blue Smarties then mimic their actions when the hyperactivity kicks in.
  7. Build an electricity generating excercise bike.  Alternatively, you could build a bank of electricity generating hamster wheels, get yourself a hoarde of hamsters (yes that is the correct term for a group of hamsters) and… take over the world. (Maniacal laughter ensues).
  8. Save your leftover meat and veg so you can make a lovely pot of gruel… sorry, broth.
  9. Make your own clothes detergent. Why purchase clothes detergent when you can buy a bunch of ingredients then boil a vat of water to make your own? (Video below)
  10. Watch your neighbour’s satellite TV. Just acquire a pair of binoculars and a spy-style listening device, and hey presto: free premium TV.

Cat using a potty:


Make your own laundry detergent:


Have you ever tried any of these? Can you suggest any weird and wonderful extreme money saving tips? Post your responses in the comments section below.


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  • https://www.facebook.com/grassyllama Margaret Kay

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for dead foxes on my walk home from work. Yummmmm!

    • James Meikle

      If I spot any I’ll scoop them up for you