Top tips for avoiding online credit card fraud

July 9, 2023


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We’ve had over a decade to get used to the idea of online shopping, and these days it’s almost a necessity for getting the items you want. However, transactions over the computer have also brought with them a whole new list of ways that crooks can get between you and the stuff you want. Here are a few tips to remember to keep your money safe in your bank account:

1. Always, always, always keep your antivirus software up to date and make sure you only download programmes from reputable sites. Hackers sometimes use programs like keyloggers to obtain credit card numbers direct from the machine.

2. Check to make sure the site is legit. Then check it again. Even a well-designed site can be set up as a front for a scam operation, so looking at reviews and affiliated sites can help establish its legitimacy, especially for independent retailers (this is where buying from independent retailers with a large reputable third-party sites such as Etsy can be a good idea). See if the site advertises its security software too for extra peace of mind. For the seriously diligent, get a physical address with telephone number and try calling that.

3. A company using a free email service for its official email address can sometimes be a red flag. To check it out, it can be worth sending an email to them before purchasing to make sure that the email displayed isn’t a throwaway account.

4. It’s a good idea to have a debit card dedicated to online purchases. This restricts you from being able to order internationally, of course, but it can be worth the hassle to avoid the mess of sorting out a stolen primary credit card number.

5. Pay attention to where links are directing you. Phishing scams are pretty well known by now as a way for hackers to gain information ranging from passwords to bank account numbers. Basically, if you get an email telling you to log in to your bank account for whatever reason, make sure the URL the link goes to is the official link your bank uses.

6. Have a single place to write down all your credit cards, account info and card issuer’s contact number. That way, if you notice anything strange on your statements, you can get the card cancelled right away rather than wasting time trying to gather all the information you need.


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  • https://www.paydayvault.co.uk Georgie

    Some good suggestions except on point 4 I would have to say its much better use a credit card online instead of a debit card regardless if it cannot be used internationally or not. Someone used my credit card online last year and the card issuer just asked which transactions were fraudulent on refunded them no questions asked. I’ve heard it can me a major hassle to reclaim any money from a debt card though.