How much does it cost to look glam this Christmas?

December 9, 2023


In the run up to Christmas we all want to look our very best. It’s a time where us girls start looking around for a glam dress, heels, sparkly jewellery and some new make-up. The TV is awash with adverts tempting us into this party seasons ‘it’ dress or heels or tights or make up look.

I must admit when the Marks and Spencer advert came on with Danni Minogue in a red velvet number I too felt that I must have that I want that dress pang. However, with a wardrobe full of sequinned dresses and glittery shoes I resisted the temptation. Especially at a time where I meant to buying presents for other people it seems a little daft to go out buying more stuff!

According to the Daily Mail British women will spend more than £3.5 billion this month on party gear and festive clothing alone! This means that on average British women will spend £206.84 on looking good at Christmas including the clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and beauty treatments. It appears that buying a new dress for your Christmas party really does add up.

However, the same study revealed that 84% of women are planning to recycle their new outfits by wearing the same dress to several parties to save some pennies. Shockingly dressing up does seem to cause a lot of stress as a huge 23% of women get themselves in such a state about what to wear to their Christmas parties they end up not going at all!

So what about you ladies? Do you like me have a wardrobe full of sparkly numbers that you have rarely worn, will you be spending a couple of hundred pounds to look lush or are you among the 23% that can’t cope at all?


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