Queen cuts corners for Christmas

October 25, 2023


With the country going through an economically hard time, everyone is trying to save as much money as possible. With Christmas coming up, it’s especially important to keep an eye on spending. But it looks as though it’s not just us regular Joes that have to hold back this year, because even the Queen is at it.

It has been announced that the Queen has decided to scrap this year’s Christmas staff party, because the country is having a difficult time on the money front. Usually, the Christmas party is held every two years, for about 600 members of the Royal Household. According The Sun (not saying it’s the best source) the party would have cost about £50,000. Wow, I can see why she’s holding off on it this year then.

A Royal spokesman was quoted as saying: “It was decided it was appropriate of the Royal Household to show restraint and not hold the party this year”. Staff are said to be gutted, and I can see why. Imagine what a £50,000 party with the Queen would be like.

However, this leads to the question; did she really have the cancel the whole party? I mean yes, spending £50,000 on a party in these financial times may not have been the best display of responsibility on the Queen’s front, but I’m sure she could have held another sort of party for cheaper. For a few grand I’m sure she could have ordered in a whole load of Pizza Hut, and got an epic Mario Kart session going on the Wii.

But it looks as though if she can’t have it expensive, she’s not going to have it all. Maybe the Queen and the Royal staff could just crash someone else’s Christmas party? I know I would love to see the Queen doing a vodka luge.

Image via The National Post

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