The best way to protect against hackers? Bet on them

September 19, 2023


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It seems that prevention rather than cure is no longer a savvy saying for business minded moguls.

Although it is obvious that protecting a company’s technological infrastructure from hackers will ultimately pay-off in profits (or, at least, in the prevention of loss), there is now more money to be made by making sure you are part of the solution when everything does descend into chaos.

The best way to protect your business? Invest in a company who knows how to.

The technology and business worlds are constantly reporting on the huge hacks of major companies. Millions of Sony users had their personal details published on the Internet last year, whilst more recently, Bank of America and Godaddy.com were brought to their knees by hackers.

Although these companies thought they had sufficient security measures in place, hackers constantly find smaller and smarter gaps in security systems to weasel their way into. Wired journalist Mat Honan’s digital destruction is enough to put the fear of god into any Internet user, never mind a multi-million pound company that is responsible for screeds of its customers’ information.

Investing in an Internet security company may mean all is not lost when a spanner is thrown in the works - a small silver lining to a very grey cloud, but a glimmer of a win nonetheless.

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Who should you invest in?

 McAfee is a major player in the Internet security world and is now owned by Intel. In a recent earnings report, the company reported a $75million (£46.3million) growth in its Software and Services Operating areas and a $28million (£17.3million) increase in operating income, after a $14million loss last year. Thank you, hackers.

Symantec, developers of Norton Antivirus are currently in control of around 10% of the worldwide cyber security market and have recently hired new CEO Steve Bennett in a bid to increase that share.

Lesser-known Check Point Software Technologies specialises in IT security for companies and is used by 98% of all Fortune 500 companies. They must be doing something right.

Ultimately, as business dependence on the Internet increases, so will the threat of security hacks. In a changeable environment, betting on disaster seems to be the best way of ensuring a winner.

What are your top tips for cyber security investment?


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