Ethical Investment Week

October 15, 2023


This week will see ethical investment look at ways people can invest their money in businesses and projects that are considered green finance.

There has been something of a boom surrounding ethical investment as people are becoming more aware of where their money is going and how it can have an impact on the environment around it.

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There is a broad range of businesses and projects that you can invest in with the future of the planet in mind. Many people are looking into areas such as water management for ethical investment as there are growing concerns that by the year 2030 many areas around the world will be suffering from acute shortages as industry and population growth will push demand beyond supply.

There are other areas where ethical investors are looking to, including agriculture, which has had a lot of pressure put on it of late due to the unethical way in which many have made money by constricting the supply of food and raising prices.

One area of ethical investment that we think everyone should have a look into is co-operatives. These are generally investment opportunities that are going to help local communities. On top of helping out in the area that affects you most there is also the opportunity to make a decent return on your investment. Co-operatives allow people to invest in businesses or services that they want to help maintain in their community. There have been co-operatives set up to help a huge range of projects including renewable energy, post offices, pubs and local sporting teams.

They work by people buying shares, which is more like you are loaning the project money for a set period of time, you will then get your money back and hopefully there will be extra money assuming that the project has been a success.

Here at the Money Lion we hope that ethical investment week will help to raise the awareness of ethical investment opportunities and make people realise that there is an opportunity to make good investment decisions that will be profitable while also helping out the environment and looking to ensure that the future is being thought about.

Have you partaken in any ethical investments? Did they work out for you? Have you ever been involved in co-operative investment or do you know of any that you feel deserve a bit of recognition? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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