Things worth investing in: Art

May 18, 2023


By cobalt123

Most people assume that in order to collect art you’ve got to have millions of pounds to squander away. This assumption is entirely wrong and in actual fact it’s better to collection art from new artists in order to maintain the industry and showcase new talent. If you have a passion for art collecting it could bring you great pleasure and could be an extremely beneficial investment.

There are a couple of things you should think about, however, before you decide to start collecting art.

How do you start?

First and foremost, if you are considering investing in original art pieces you should definitely have a keen interest in art. Whether it is paintings, photography or sculpture, having a general understanding of artistic production and technique is always a start.

Before you decide to buy your first piece of art it would be worthwhile to visit art museums, fairs and potentially read a couple of art magazines. This way you can establish the kind of art pieces you’d like to invest in. During this process hopefully you will find art pieces that really draw you in and resonate with you.

Where to invest

Most collectors will buy their art directly from a dealer but if you are new to art collecting, art galleries and international art fairs might be the better option. Exhibitions such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has been established for over 200 years and is the largest open submission contemporary art show in the world. Emerging and established artists exhibit their art at the show through a variety of media types including sculpture, printmaking, film and many more.

Exhibitions such as this are fantastic for people wishing to invest in art as the artists themselves are often there to talk about their work along with art dealers, and the staff and gallery curators are always very helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy.  With so many entrants showcasing their work, be prepared to see something you like. It’s a good idea to bring along a 0 interest credit card in case you see something that sparks emotion and you feel like you must have it before somebody else snaps it up. If you feel like you have to have it, it’s a good sign that this is the piece for you.

Invest in contemporary or vintage?

If you are looking to collect art on a relatively small budget it is more likely you’ll find contemporary art more approachable and attainable. When looking to collect older pieces of art it is suggested you work with an advisor or dealer, buying older pieces isn’t just about the artwork, it’s about the history, the artists intentions and the reputation that comes with the piece.


Emerging contemporary artists will approach you with enthusiasm and even established artists will be willing to compromise on price if you show interest in their work. There are now a variety of online stores where up-and-coming artists are selling their original work, Esty is very popular with contemporary art and can be a great way to find attractive, niche art pieces that you might not see in established galleries or exhibitions.

Why invest?

Finally, if you are considering investing in art you should probably know why you’re doing it. Even though collecting art is an investment, you shouldn’t think of it like that. Buying art should be personal and should be a passion, buy art that you love not that you think everybody else would love.

If you buy a piece that happens to skyrocket in value while you have it, think of it as good taste.

Have you thought about investing in art or do you own any? What advice do you have for people looking to collect? Let us know in the comment section below.



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