What we’ve learned from Green Office Week

May 18, 2023



When it comes to making your office greener, it’s the little things that count. Small changes in work habits can make big changes for the world’s environment, and doing your bit may just contribute to a healthier planet for all of us.

Although many of us would love to make our offices more environmentally-friendly sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

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Taking part in Green Office Week 2015 has been a great way get started and it feels like we’ve learned many ways to make a difference. So we’ve put together our top tips - each day of the week focusses on a different aspect of making your office greener.

Here is a rundown of the energy saving priority each day, plus some great tips for how you can contribute…


Kick off the week by focussing on energy saving. Start a campaign to turn off lights when not in use and have a light-hearted penalty for those caught disobeying the rule. Turn the radiators down a notch - perhaps you could run a ‘Most Embarrassing Jumper’ competition to keep away the chills?

Set the display on your computer monitor or office phones to switch off after several minutes of being idle - you’ll save energy without even noticing.


On your bike! Find a greener way to get to work and leave the car at home - make friends on public transport, up your vitamin D intake on a leisurely stroll or improve your cardio with a brisk cycle to work.

Alternatively you could arrange a car share with those who live in the same direction as you - great for the pennies, great for the environment and even better for office gossip!


Waste not, want not. Wednesday is all about reducing office waste, so why not start a competition to see who can come up with the most imaginative way to reuse things which would normally end up in the bin?

Take any unused furniture or office equipment down to the local charity shop too, they’ll find it a good home instead of it gathering dust in the store cupboard.


Think about what you buy on Thursday - is it eco-friendly? Look at your current office supplies and consider which could be switched to an environmentally sound alternative, like recycled paper or refilled toner cartridges.


Get creative because Friday is the day of innovation. Divide into teams and try to find five things in your office that need changed to save energy. Invite some local art and design students to get crafty with your office junk and you could end up with a nice new piece of artwork for the reception area.

Do you have any other tips for saving energy in the office? If so it’d be great if you shared them in the comments box below.


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