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February 20, 2023


Image by: JD Hancock

As digital technology increasingly infiltrates every aspect of our waking life, it’s hardly surprising that a wide selection of gadgets have appeared to make driving a more enjoyable experience. After all, with long commutes to work through traffic and embarking on journeys to another city for that big meeting it is likely that a good amount of your working year is spent in your car. Plus, with the amount of car worship that goes on amongst the Top Gear generation, it’s an enormously tempting area of life to fit out with all the latest technological wizardry.

A number of luxury car brands are introducing exclusive techy treats to lure in shoppers accustomed to adopting all the latest tech crazes: from Bose sound systems and mood lighting, to backseat wine coolers and keyless ignition, there’s an endless array of clever features to appeal to your inner James Bond. However, even if you’re not in the market for a luxury vehicle, there are still a number of nifty gadgets to tech your ride and make your  time in your car more enjoyable – here are our five favourites:


How did people ever get anywhere before the dawn of these impossibly handy GPS navigation systems? Program the in-car device to plan your route, estimate driving times, and receive audible instructions on every step of the journey, as well as warnings about road closures and traffic. Many current models offer extra large screens and text-to-speech features; others offer advice on attractions and itineraries in unfamiliar cities, integrate with Twitter to let your work pals know where you’re going this week, or even point out the most fuel-efficient routes to your destination.

Top tip: with this you could avoid potential traffic areas and even speed cameras on your way to work to make your day at the office a less stressful one.

Stereos and Digital Adaptors

With the advent of iPods and MP3 players, we’re now accustomed to taking our music everywhere with us. For a long time cars seemed trapped in the CD age, but now most car stereos can be adapted to work with a range of digital music devices. Many stereos now have built in USB connections, while others can be fitted with FM transmitters, digital adaptors, or iPod docks to give you on-the-go access to your music collection. Some stereos even come with built-in GPS systems, touch screens, data voice tagging or dvd playback functions.

Top tip: with this you could listen to a motivational audio session off your iPhone through your car’s stereo system before that presentation at work.

Bluetooth Speakerphones

Everyone knows the danger of using a mobile phone while driving, but sometimes conversations are necessary. The solution is either a nifty headset or, if you feel this is a little daft and want to take it up a technological notch, a Bluetooth speakerphone. This wireless receiver is mounted inside the car and integrates with your phone to allow you to chat in hands-free style.

Top tip: with this you can take calls from your family if it’s been a few days on the road between business trips or even take a client call while on the open road to save time when you get back to the office.

DVD Players

Portable DVD players with attached screens are handy for the car, but many vehicles nowadays also offer built-in versions with screens that drop down from the ceiling or are built into the back of the front seat headrests. Some even offer features such as wireless headphones, television channel streaming and separate DVD player connections so each passenger can watch their own programme – perfect for keeping the kids entertained and avoiding arguments on long car trips.

Top tip: with this you can not only win big with the kids on longer holiday trips but also with any work buddies you carpool. You can take turns driving and watching DVD’s, news or related client videos on long business trips to break up the journey.

Cold Weather Conveniences

In the depths of winter, some gadgets aren’t just fun – they can also make your car journey more comfortable. Remote ignition systems let you start the car and heat up its interior without leaving the comfort of your house (and some automatically lock the doors at the same time, so you don’t have to watch for thieves). Heated seat pads take the chill off leather seats and provide an extra layer of cosy warmth, while a solar auto battery charger sits on your dashboard and converts the sunlight pouring through your windshield into a trickle of charge for your car battery. This makes sure your battery is consistently topped up and will be less likely to fail you on cold mornings or after long periods of inactivity – handy for lengthy stays in airport parking lots.

Top tip: with this you can be assured that getting up for that early flight on a Monday morning won’t be so difficult in the winter. What better reason could you need for these, most useful, appliances?

What car gadgets can you not live without? Let us know in the comments below.



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