October 3, 2023


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We’ve all wondered at some point. How can I make some money, and how can I make it right now?

Until internet use, the answer normally came back as something practical with too much hard work and very little monetary yield for all those man hours.

Now there are a variety of platforms that only require a bit of mouse clicking and a little web searching before virtual money is flying across the web into our online banking accounts.

Whether its Google, Gumtree, ebay or Facebook, there is an online tool for you that can take the ‘work’ out of work and turn your unwanted items  into tangible moola, wonga, cash or dough. It’s just about how you you use them…

The ‘aha’ moment
You may be sitting in your bedroom or sitting room surrounded by a chaotic mountain of never ending rubbish. CDs, old mobile phones, recipe books or even bits of what you think may be a go kart that you once took apart.

If you are the ‘average’ person you probably own some or all of the above and some other ‘junk’ which you haven’t touched for ages. Look at your junk… now look at your computer. Now at your junk…now at your computer… are you seeing the connection?

Yes. There is someone in the realm of cyber space that thinks your ‘junk’ is actually something valuable. They will buy parts of that ever growing pile of bits and pieces and you’ll not only sell it but help you clear that patch of carpet once and for all. What a way to do two things at once.

This is the ‘aha’ moment. You gather up your rubbish, you filter it – what is actually rubbish, and what don’t you want anymore? Then you get searching for where  your, now valuable, items can go online to sell for cold hard cash.

Where to sell it
There are many websites where you can sell your items. It just depends on what it is and how new or functional it is. With these variables in mind, here are a few ideas:

  • You can sell your old Nokia ‘ninety-ninety-something’ to a company like Envirofone that actually wants your ageing mobile. They evaluate the price of your mobile in mere minutes and before you know it you have a couple of quid in your pocket and it’s ojne more phone in the post to mobile heaven.
  •  You can sell anything from bicycle tyres to high heels on Gumtree. It’s your garage sale that you don’t have to sit for hours in the elements at. It’s your second-hand shop that doesn’t involve a commission. It’s your access point to all things cheap. Look and you shall find. Advertise – for free - and you shall sell. Right now there is someone in Leicester selling their Lava Lamp for £10. If they can sell that, then you can sell pretty much anything!
  • Facebook. Now this may seem very obvious but it is very straight forward. You can do one of two things:
  1. Update your status: tell your friends what you want to sell. They’re the best group to start with since you probably have hobbies and interests in common and therefore ‘junk’ in common.
  2. If you want to extend your ‘reach’ then pay a little to set up a Facebook advert. By paying for your advert, Facebook uses its limitless demographic knowledge by advertising your product to a specific group.

You’re selling a pair of trust Barbour Heels for example. Your advert will be strategically shown to Facebook users who have ‘liked’ Barbour on Facebook; have ‘liked’ fashion or shoes pages on Facebook or are just of an age and gender demographic that tends to buy women’s shoes.

The exact science behind Facebook’s gathering of knowledge could lead to screeds of analysis but let’s just say that they can reach the right people…”750 million potential customers” according to their website that is.

  • You can set up a spot on Ebay if you would like to set up some friendly competition between buyers for the more valuable item.  Collection pieces like game cards or toys that have never been used are typical here but the list ranges from everything that is mildly valuable from barely used perfume to spare parts for wind up clocks. You may not sell your item straightaway and you may not even sell it at all but there is no harm in trying.

Watch it

Watch this useful ‘how to’ video to learn how to make money on ebay. This is a simple video and will teach you how to sell on ebay if you havent done so before.

Golden Rules
If you have something to sell, there are a variety of virtual points to do so from but there are also some important ‘golden rules’ to remember when you embark on your money making venture. Follow them and your selling experience could be a fairly pain free one…

  1. Stay alert, stay alive: Never meet someone before you’re sure that they are legitimate and never give out your home address. You don’t want to be tricked into giving away any personal information, so be careful about what you tell your potential customers through your advert and further communications after they show interest in your item.
  2. Plan ahead: Don’t just make an advert. Consider whether you want to sell it, when you want it sold, and which platform would be best to sell it on. This will ensure you approach your sale correctly and avoid any disappointment about not getting paid immediately or selling something that you may actually want to keep.
  3. Research: Search for items that are similar to what you are trying to sell to see where they are being sold and for how much. Research like this could make for a very effective sale so make sure you learn by the example of others.
  4. Make it ‘sellable’: Make sure that whatever you are selling has a good angle. Take at least one flattering picture of it to go along with your advert or submission and have a great 30-60 word description… something that tells potential buyers that your item has a function and looks pretty while it does so.
  5. Don’t lie: a little flattery and promotion of your item is fine, even encouraged but stretching the truth is a fine skill that should be used responsibly. Make sure you never tell a fatal porky about the ‘working order’ of your item otherwise you may be held liable which can cost you more than the item is even worth in the first place.

With your ‘aha’ moment realised, your knowledge of online selling platforms updated, and your golden rules memorised, it’s now time to venture forth. It’s time to cash in…online.


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