The $39,000 rucksack

October 4, 2023


When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen first hit our screens when they were just 1 year old in 1987, it was impossible to judge just how popular they would become as they grew up. While they have taken a step back from acting , the 25 year old twins are now authorities in the fashion world.

Image via Daily Mail

The girls are so popular  they have even managed to launch a label called The Row, with the new accessories line showcasing some beautiful but expensive handbags. The most popular of these is an alligator backpack with a ridiculous price tag of $39,000. The Row accessories range starts at around $4,700 for some of the smaller pieces, with the price tag rising for larger items.

While it may seem insane to pay that much for a backpack, and not a very big one from the looks of it, the bag is actually a bestseller and the twins are finding it hard to keep up with the demand for the item. The backpack was one of the first items to sell out when the new accessories range was launched.

While it may seem like a lot to pay for a bag, fashion critics are calling it a classic bag, and the sort of piece you would carry for you entire life. I’m sure that even if I bought every bag I ever plan to own out of somewhere cheap and nasty, I still wouldn’t end up with a bill of $39,000, but maybe that’s just me?

Do you like the look of the alligator backpack? Would you pay $39,000 for it? Let us know in the comment section.


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