Save cash and shop vintage

February 18, 2023


Having previously posted about attempting save cash this year in order to afford wonderful things (holidays and the like) I thought I would give you an update on one of my findings. Saving is no fun and really very hard if you have a shopping problem like moi. However my money saving efforts have rewarded me with a whole new appreciation for vintage shopping. Vintage shopping is cheaper than shopping in regular stores therefore I am saving money but also feeding my need to shop. Win win.

Some of my new favourite haunts include –


This is a London based shop (they have four stores in total) but have a really decent online shop. They have a particularly lovely selection of silk scarves and their bags are also rather tempting. I really want this.


Armstrong’s is an Edinburgh based Vintage Emporium that has clothing from every decade. The store on the Grassmarket is really worth a visit if you’re ever in Edinburgh, it’s a mammoth store crammed with copious amounts vintage goodies. The pricing is also really fair.


This is another Edinburgh based vintage delight. It’s quite a small shop but I have been going here for years and they not only sell second hand stuff but also stock the most amazing range of handmade independent designers stuff. They often have pieces from graduates and their prices are unbelievable. Basically this shop is total yum. They currently don’t have an online store but it is something they are working on so keep your eyes peeled.

So perhaps vintage shopping isn’t exactly an ideal plan for my money saving strategy but it is definitely better than shopping on the high street. The chances are that if you opt to buy vintage you will spend less, get better quality clothing and it’s more ethical. So, at least when vintage shopping you can feel a lot less guilty.


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