Government announces big welfare shake-up

February 18, 2023


In a plan to shake-up the benefit system, the government has announced it will be changed all the benefits into one single payment, called the Universal Credit. This would replace all existing benefits, though people will still be able to get different amounts of money depending on how much help they are seen to need.

However, this new system could also see people who are turning down jobs having their benefits reduced. The government basically want to make it impossible for people to think “oh I’m better off on the dole”.

A lot of people are disagreeing with this system, mainly the people who would actually have to work for a living instead of getting everything handed to them just because it means a couple more pounds in their pocket.

I think this new system would be good, if it works. When I was out of work for around 5 months I looked at minimum wage jobs just to have something to do and be getting some money on my own. I never once went on the dole, because I think it’s too easy to just rely on that instead of your own work.

I hear a lot of people complaining about not having a job and things to do, and yet they will turn jobs down because the money isn’t as good as the dole. Surely being out of the house, gaining experience and job skills are more important than a couple of extra pound a month? I would say so.

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