The ‘Big Six’ are to help you save money on your energy bill

April 11, 2023



Today the ‘Big Six’ have agreed to a energy bill pledge in an attempt to help save their customers money.
The Pledge

Gas Bill via Kai Hendry

As part of the pledge, companies will be required to alert their customers if they can get a better deal with them. They will then be offered to change to that deal if they want.

Announcing the move today, Nick Clegg said seven out of 10 people are paying too much on their energy bill. The ‘Big Six’ - nPower, British Gas, E.On, Scottish and Southern Energy, EDF and Scottish Power will now contact their customers every year to inform them if there is a better deal they could be on, and how to get it.

This new pledge could save customers up to £100 a year if they switch to the cheaper tariff.


The main criticism of the deal, is that these companies will not be obliged to let them know about cheaper deals from their competitors.

There is the additional concern that prices will continue to rise due to the limited amount of resources available worldwide and there is increasing pressure to switch to renewable energy - which costs money.

Business Energy

High business gas bills is a concern for businesses, large and small, as they try to keep costs to a minimum. Businesses are looking into more a efficient way of heating and lighting their properties whether that is through energy saving light bulbs or being careful of when to put the heating on.

Some businesses are looking for alternative finance options such as invoice financing to ensure they have enough capital available to them when that scary bill comes through the door.

Overall, this initiative has been well received but there is still ongoing concern over the rising prices of energy.

A good way of saving energy and time is to streamline some processes and literally spring clean your office. If there’s epuipment you’re not using you can get cash back for it from a recycling company; if you’re not yet a paperless office it’s about time you thought about it - do you really need to print every document? The cumulative cost can get really expensive.

We might be heading into the summer so your heating costs shouldn’t be too bad, but did you know that by reducing the thermostat by just one degree can save 8% on your heating bill over the course of the year? Check out this PDF for more great tips for your business.

How have you found your energy bills these months? Are you finding your costs are rising too high. Let us know…

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