Inflation, where does it end?

October 7, 2023


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Inflation obviously affects everyone in the country. With the prices of everything from petrol to alcohol going up, everyone has been watching the pennies, especially with the recession.

When I was a child, I didn’t need to worry about inflation or anything like that. I lived off £2.50 a week from my Dad, and was very happy with that. However, the children of today are not as lucky as I was. Money worries are hitting the younger side of the population as much as it is the adults.

How you ask? Space Raiders. When I was little, Space Raiders were 10p, but now they have been pushed up to 15p a packet. This is an outrage! You many not think too much of an extra 5pm for a packet of alien based snacks, but for a child 5p is a lot. No longer can you buy 10 packs for a pound, but you would only be able to afford 6, which I’m sure is heartbreaking news to all Space Raiders lovers out there. You may think I am alone in this plight, but there is also a Facebook group dedicated to getting the price back down to normal. In fact, there is more than one, and they all have a fair few members.

Now if it was only Space Raiders, I could maybe let them off, but it doesn’t stop there. Freddo chocolate bars have gone up from 10p to around 17p, which is just ridiculous for the amount of chocolate you get, though I stopped eating them when the caramel ones stopped being called Taz bars, but that might just be me.

Popular child-size bars like Chomps and Fudge bars have also gone up to around 17p from the usual 15p, and when you only have £2.50 a week to spend, all those extra pennies can really add up.

I can only imagine what will be next. 1p sweets being hiked up to 5p? No more 5p ice poles? I feel sorry for the children of today; things were so much simpler in 90′s.

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