Responsibility’s dead baby, responsibility’s dead….

May 10, 2023


Consumers are running up huge amounts of debt, banks are denying all knowledge of irresponsible lending and more and more people are apparently hiding behind their flexible friend.

I was horrified today to find out about the case of Karyn Bosnak, a self-confessed shopaholic who ran up a debt of over $20,000 dollars … which was promptly paid off by the public when she set up a website …. pleading with her audience to pay off the debt. She couldn’t even state exactly how she got into such a mess, just presents a rather – ‘oops I’m blonde’ argument, and suckers from all around the world queue up.

There are also stories of women asking for money for boob jobs on the internet and receiving large donations. Does anyone place value in hard-work and accountability anymore? Certainly if boob jobs were funded by hard graft, rather than a hard ‘shaft’, then it might allow the owner to develop thoughts about financial assets, rather than plastic ones.

Everybody laughed at overweight McDonalds fans when they tried to take the fast food giant to court for making them fat, but apparently it’s ok to blame banks and credit card companies for preying upon vulnerable consumers. Has it become acceptable to work less, spend more and satirise the consequences?

It’s not like the information isn’t there… there are loads of financial product comparison sites loaded with information: https://www.moneynet.co.uk/ for a start, or even https://www.moneysavingexpert.com or https://www.uswitch.com/. Naturally this will involve lifting a highly expensive manicured nail and clicking the mouse a few times, but even for blonde Karyn Bosnak, I’m sure that should not have been too much trouble. As an American (need I say more) she would have had access to https://www.lowermybills.com, but even though it’s an interesting site, it’s not as pretty as Prada.

Ps: if anyone wants to pay my student loans off because I am a nice person, please e-mail ahead. I make great tea and recycle household rubbish. I also believe in world peace.


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  • the Money Lion

    On vanity and vacancy…According to Virgin Money on MSN (UK), women spend over £700 a year in attempts to look good, which amounts to a huge £4.3 billion.Apparently…”They [women] trawl through celebrity and gossip magazines to spot the latest looks. After that they hit the high street and shop ‘til they drop, taking the plastic with them of course. Two-thirds even admit to hiding purchases from their partners – shocking.”To look like the celebrity they admire most, these girls will stop at nothing – fake nails, hair extensions, fake tans, facials, manicures, designer clothes, the lot.”Although it’s fine to have fun, it can get scary when the nails start to break, the hair extensions need re-doing and the credit card bills turn your fake tan white.With personal debt reaching a record £1 trillion and interest rates and utility bills rising faster than a ladder on Madonna’s fishnet stockings, debt can quickly steal the show and ruin the plot.”