Road to nowhere

May 10, 2023


My car is a bottomless pit when it comes to money.

Road tax, insurance, MOT’s repairs, servicing, not to mention petrol.
However I would not give it up without someone prizing the keys out of my dead hand.

The joy of being able to go anywhere I want, when I want, listening to my own choice of music, rather than the “tst, tst, tst, tst” of the iPod wearer down the other end of the bus or train.

I had a period of about two years where I couldn’t afford to get my old car back onto the road. At first it didn’t seem so bad (I live in a city with supposedly good public transport), however as time went by, things got more and more depressing. Weekly food shopping trips took over four hours! Escape from the enclosure of buildings all around me meant I had to take pre-organised long bus or train journeys. I could only get away when I had a full day off, rather than when I wanted. No spontaneity was left.

These days I have a newer and more reliable car which I can just afford to keep going, but I am still paying off the loans I took out to buy it, and the regular large bills for insurance, repairs, etc, that seem to appear out of the blue, just when there is too much month left at the end of the pay packet, make it difficult. The government constantly increasing the cost of fuel to reduce emmisions by forcing poorer people off the roads, does not help at all.

If anyone knows a way of keeping on the road, but not selling your soul, I would like to know.


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