Scottish retail sales increase despite UK slide into recession

May 2, 2023



Today it has been revealed that there has been a rise in sales in the first quarter of 2015.

Glasgow high street via Ray Devlin

In the first three months of 2015 there was a 0.7% rise in the volume of sales the Scottish Government have revealed.

The Retail Sales Index revealed that there has been a year- on- year growth in volume of 0.6%.

The Scottish retail figures are performing better than the UK as a whole. The UK retail sales only grew 0.4% as a whole.

SNP Finance Secretary John Swinney has said:

“Official figures show that the volume of retail sales is on a upward trend again, after remaining flat over the past two years… This expansion is welcome but the sector continues to face challenging conditions.”

Part of the reasoning given to this is the record-breaking temperatures in March which got us out of our homes and into the shops spending money.

Recession, really?

These figures come less than a week after hearing the news that the UK as a whole is back into a recession, although those figures are apparently in question as some economists say the whole picture is more healthy than that.

John Swinney added that what UK economy needs now is growth, and the SNP are calling on the UK government to boost spending in the construction industry.

This news, and the news that unemployment in Scotland is lower than that of the UK average, will undoubtly help the SNP in their local election campaign as voters head to the polls on the 3rd May.

How are you feeling in this economy? Are you confident to go out and spend your hard earned cash?

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