eBay Celebrity brings you closer to the stars

November 14, 2023


Image Via Ryan Fanshaw

Just in time for the Christmas gift giving season, eBay have come up with a stellar idea combining celebrities and charity auctions. Yes, the ‘better to give than receive’ notion is slowly creeping up on us again as we make a list of things we want and what to give others. With this new concept from eBay, I think we’ll all be hoping we receive rather than give.

The world’s largest online marketplace has launched eBay Celebrity. It’s part of the online giant’s eBay Giving Works program that has already raised millions this year by selling Limited edition Nike Mag trainers, the proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The concept follows a similar principle. Celebrities will sell exclusive items and the money raised will go to a charity of the celebrity’s choice. There’s a whole host of charities taking part including American Red Cross, No Kid Hungry and The Whaleman Foundation.

Each celebrity has their own page where they can post updates. So far there are a number of A-list names stars such as Katy Perry, Brad Pitt and Robert Duvall have all contributing to the scheme. So you could be receiving Katy’s dress, meeting Brad or even getting a private workshop with Robert!

There are more celebrities expected to join the list but no details of which stars has been yet. eBay have said they will not be taking a percentage of the money raised. I think it’s a terrific idea especially if it means getting an exclusive item or meeting your icon.

Do you think this is a good program? Which celebrity would you most like to see join? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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