Case Study: Guardian Glazing Films

November 14, 2023


This is the start of a monthly review of how small businesses are coping in this challenging financial climate. This month we will be looking at Guardian Glazing Films…

Asthetic Glazing at Rodillian High School via Guardian Film

Birmingham-based Guardian Glazing Films is one of the most respected names in the UK Window Film industry. Supplying protective film and glass, mainly to public buildings, their previous clients include Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Liverpool Football Club. Their mission statement states that the company aims to increase its reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism as well as striving for the optimum benefits for the client on each project; which is becoming key in these financial times.

Started in 1998, Guardian Glazing is now seen as one of the leading film dealers in the UK. A few years a go, the company was looking to expand and quickly came to realise that factoring was the best option for them. They initially thought that using invoice finance would only be used on a short term basis, but it has proved to be a long-term solution for them as Director Nicola Enright says:

“There is a cost to the service, but it is less than
appointing an employee to run a credit control function.
And we have more time to focus on productive activities.”

BP Blast Mitigation Film via Guardian Glazing

The company now supplies more cost-effective solutions for households such as using frosted film instead of fitting a full frosted glass frame as well as catering to large businesses with such products as blast mitigation window film, which protects against vandalism as well as protecting people from terrorist or bomb attacks.

Guardian Glazing is looking to expand further in the future as well as looking into new markets and with the support of invoice financing, Nicola feels that:

“It’s given us the freedom to use our own resources in a way
that we can control as we build the business into the future.”

One of the key reasons Guardian Glazing is successful is due to it’s diversity of products, knowing their target market as well as providing cost effective, long lasting solutions for businesses and households alike.

Do you know about any other innovative business successfully weathering the recession storm? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

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