UK’s Top Young Entrepreneurs in 2014

October 17, 2023


While for some, this year may not have been as fruitful as they had expected it to be; it has been a milestone in the lives of many young entrepreneurs who emerged with some really great ideas and are definitely worth keeping your eyes on. At a time when unemployment has increased in every part of UK (except Scotland), these young minds are now founders of their own businesses’ that are unique in their own special way. Lets have a look at some of these young entrepreneurs and what they have achieved so far.

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Poppy Dinsey, is a 24 year old fashion blogger from Surrey. With her style tips, and her amazing designer clothes, she became an internet sensation when she started posting pictures of herself wearing a different outfit each day. Initially using other social networks to get followers she rose to fame when she finally decided to move in to her own website called What I Wore Today, the website is now a very famous fashion website, where both males and females are given a chance to post their pictures displaying their outfits. Poppy also plans on expanding the site into a social networking site, with a ratings mechanism that allows people to rank the best in fashion, in various cities, through the number of votes they receive. She also hopes to role out an affiliate scheme that will gather a commission from every sale generated for a major brand through her website.

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Jamal Edwards,  a 20 year old entrepreneur, is the founder of the UK’s biggest Youth Media Channel, SBTV. Jamal founded his company at the tender age of 16, after receiving a camera as a Christmas present. He started out casually filming local rappers and musicians on the streets and would then go on to share thsee videos on his youtube channel. After receiving a good response from his viewers, he decided to make this hobby into a profession. The team he has now set up, are running the biggest youth media channel in the country. Jamal was also featured in Google Chrome’s The Web is what you make of it campaign, and he is now licensed with major record labels.


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Edwin Broni-Mensah, is a 25 year old Manchester University student, and the proud winner of the most outstanding black student award. He is the founder of GivemeTap, the concept behind the service is to first sell blue water bottles made from recycled aluminium from his website at £7, purchasers can then fill these bottles up with free tap water from participating cafes and restaurants. The bottle is not only portable, but also saves you spending a load of money buying water everyday. The best thing about this business idea is that it helps to reduce the wastage in landfill sites and 70% of the income generated from these water bottle sales go to organizations that help communities in Africa to install clean water pumps. Edwin has plans to offer his bottle’s services in London for the 2015 Olympics.

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Jessica Grosvenor, is a 25 year old entrepreneur from Wolverhampton and the winner of Shell Live Wire Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She founded Freelance Training and Consultancy after working as a freelance teacher for 5 years. Her company now provides training in Health & Social Care and Leadership & Management using certified NHS nurses who were made redundant recently due to NHS facilities.



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Gerard Jones
, is a 21 year old Professional Football coach who launched Gerard School of Football at the age of 19 after he was released from his club. Gerard, refused the scholarships and offers to play in professional clubs in the USA, to pursue his career as a full time football coach. His school is now a premier Football School in England, that provides specialist football coaching to boys and girls aged from 5 - 14.



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Suleman Sacranie
,  is a 21 year old young entrepreneur from Leicester who rose to fame after starting his company 99pshopper - a budget online shopping website where each item is priced for 99p or below. As the company started to grow and showed some serious potential, Suleman decided to drop out of university to focus full time on his business. His company is now delivering products to households all over Europe.


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