College promises £5000 to students that fail exams…

October 25, 2023

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A college In Lancashire has promised students who choose to sit their A-levels there that they will receive the sum of £5000 if they fail.
It is hoped that the move will send a positive message to young people studying at Blackburn College that they will succeed if they study their A-levels there. However, as someone that has spent a bit of time studying at a College, I don’t think it’s out of line to suggest that there will probably be a couple of students happy to fail their exams and pocket the £5000…
That said, the College, which has around 15,000 students, is keen to dissuade anyone from these tactics, and the cash promise will depend on pupils attending an agreed percentage of lessons and keeping up with their coursework.
A spokeswoman for the college says it wants to use the cash offer as a way to boost the confidence of anyone swithering over their ability to pass an A-level course, and that it was a way of telling potential students that if they work hard enough they’ll be able to pass and get a job or university place.
“Our track record of ensuring exam success for committed students is so successful that we are prepared to make this pledge,” said the principal of the college, Ian Clinton.
“We are happy to make a deal with our students. If you back us, trust us and work hard then we will do everything in our power to help you get the results you deserve.”
It seems that he’s talking sense - the pass rate of pupils getting at least an E grade was 98.9% this year, let’s hope for the sake of the college’s budget that it’s similarly high next year…


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