An in depth introduction

March 24, 2023


The excitement level at my induction to this fine, fine blog was a little less rapturous (…!) than I’d hoped, but I’m sure people will warm to me once they get to know more about me.

As I briefly mentioned, I’m no economics expert but I do have plenty of experience with money and how to waste (invest - the Money Lion ed) it. I also have more than my fair share of financial worries and plenty to moan about.

There are two main issues on my mind at the moment - my impending marriage and the purchase, and probably the renovation, of our dream marital abode.

Neither of these things particularly scares me, in fact I’m sure I’ll love both and the two will be very beautiful (//relationship saved), but I know both will be very, very expensive (//tangent aborted) both in the short term and further down the track - hopefully not expensive enough that I need to resort to robbing banks like this fella.

Since you ask, and how kind of you it is to enquire, the wedding plans are going very well. Although it does seem as though the more we read, the more we have to do. Take this article for example - on the merits of photos albums and photo books - that’s definitely got us thinking further than simply which photographer to hire. Just when I thought things were starting to take shape, as well.

Although it perhaps isn’t the British thing to say, I know that through wedding gifts we’ll have most of the odds and ends we need for our new house and it’s a big relief for me not to have to get them all ourselves. Of course, we still need to buy the dream house - another thing that’s a first for me. At least I hope it’ll be a first. Mortgages are getting harder to come by and banks are more reluctant to give out loans. We might have to be a bit more savvy in our spending and go to an auction or a bank repossession - the choice may not be as wide but we might need to sacrifice that in order to get a bargain.

Casually browsing the internet, I saw this post and automatically thought of Uncle the Money Lion. Old dog, I’d like you to meet new tricks.

And just so I don’t leave you on a down note - here’s a lovely video of dolphins playing with bubbles.


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