Petrol price war - good news for motorists

August 24, 2023


If you are a motorist you will have noticed the recently fluctuating fuel prices that have been going on in recent weeks.

In the area where this old dinosaur lives, the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol, driven by increases in global oil prices, rose by about 6 pence before the supermarkets stepped in to spark off a fuel price war, taking the costs back down again.

Sometimes you have got to love the supermarkets. Especially ones like Sainsbury who are temporarily still offering 5p per litre discount vouchers if you spend over £50 on shopping.

While the discount vouchers will probably not last for musch longer, one of my favourite money saving websites petrolprices.com will show you where the best prices are in your area, and have recently added a few useful extras such as additional motoring news, and a blog facility of its own.

Check it out, it is free to use and can lead to big savings over time.


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