the Money Lion gets offered lead role in t.v production…

November 24, 2023

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Ahem … ok not quite. But we were contacted by a t.v production company yesterday about our blog and the slightly unstable minds behind it (I’m speaking for myself Rich).

“Attempted humour”

Naturally there aren’t many personalfinanosauri out there, but we were chuffed to pieces to be spotted by t.v people.

You heard it here first people.

Autographs provided on request - or even a signed photo of me and Nessie.

Love and world peace,

Cash Z xxx

Ps: it’s been a while since we composed an entry. Thinking of doing a list of top 10 websites (rated on value for money) for Christmas and top 10 gifts. If anyone has any recommendations - please feel welcome to e-mail them across.

Pps: remember troopers - store cards are for life, not just for Christmas. Be strong young ones, greatness awaits.

Ppps: Anyone tried Starbucks gingerbread latte? If you’re at home - try hot chocolate with Baileys - it’s fantastic.

Pppps: apologies for random trains of thought.


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