End of 2015: Financial and Economic Update

December 30, 2023



Here are some video financial updates from December to get you updated before the New Year. A financial and economic update for the end of 2015…

1) Financial Stability Report Press Conference, December 2015

Here is part of a video which highlights suggestions on how financial stability can be reattained. The Financial Policy Committee recommends a number of changes including that “if earnings are insufficient to bill capital levels further,  banks should limit distributions” and other constructive criticisms.


2) Yahoo Finance - 14 December 2023

Here Gerald Celente gives his annual predictions and comments on “the invasion of the occupi” and compares it to wikileaks scandal.


3) Economic Update - December 2015

“The risks of an immediate break up of the euro “seem to have diminished” — but ING economists say many questions are left unanswered.

ING Bank head of macro and consumer economics Maarten Leen says in the latest eZonomics economic update video that the European leaders’ 8-9 December summit calmed the crisis. But question marks still hung over whether the rescue funds were big enough to reassure financial markets and how policymakers expected to restore growth.

Leen says the European Central Bank was expected to cut interest rates further.”

See more in the video below:


How do you think we can stabilise global economies? Are we hearing the death knell for the Euro? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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