The Young Apprentice Returns

October 18, 2023


You're Fired (Image via 28misguidedsouls)

Is there any more endearing quality in a child than a desire to make money? Awww, look he sold puppy to the butcher for a quid - too sweet. That’s why it’s so great to see The Young Apprentice back on TV.

The name has changed (it was The Junior Apprentice last time)  but the format remains the same. Eleven upwardly mobile teens, from different backgrounds of course, split into teams to perform a series of contrived enterprise tasks while talking in a special language known only to people in management. If they win they get a £25,000 fund tailor-made to kick-start a business career. Plus all the exposure of having most of the country shouting abuse as you as you dither about on the screen.

Lord Alan Sugar plays Fagan,  giving these two London gangs money-making tasks with each member hoping that they don’t end up being Oliver - did that kid ever bring home the goods or was he too busy singing? Arts don’t make money therefore have no value, get a grip and a trading portfolio Oliver!

If you get a kick from egotistical, self-involved, profit-obsessed adults vying for power and backstabbing on the original show then imagine how amazing  it is to see young people do the same. Just like Muppet Babies was so much better than The Muppet Show.

It’s easy to sneer but these 16 and 17 year olds show great initiative. How many can say that they knew what they wanted to be when they were that age? Most teenagers are too busy discovering that listening to loud music and drinking alcohol is fun while alienating all around them (not really but the teenage journalism cliche dictates this must be written, sorry kids).

So it’s admirable that these youngsters have looked at the world, decided laziness and lack of focus is not for them and to go out and make the most of it. While their peers will spend a lifetime unable to pay off the massive debt incurred in gaining a degree, these Apprentice candidates will probably be retired by 40. And it’s all because they spent their childhoods with no friends.

Tonight’s show sees the boys take on the girls in a challenge to create a new frozen treat - an ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt - and then sell them to the public. Does anyone know where the profit from these tasks goes? Probably to something worthy, but it’s nice think Lord Sugar, Nick and Karen will sit eating the ice cream treats counting the money the young entrepreneurs brought them.

The show will air from 24 October at 9pm on BBC1 and run for 8 episodes.

Here’s a clip of one of last year’s candidates crying when she gets fired. Happy now?

Are you looking forward to see these young people succeed at business? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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