Crematorium to heat swimming pool

January 28, 2024


Cash-strapped councils seem to be coming up with different way to ensure that they have enough money to run the facilities that they need to. Whether it’s raising admission prices or cutting some services, there will always be a novel way of getting around a problem.

However, Redditch Borough Council have come up with a slightly weirder than normal solution as to how they could save on heating bills. The council plans to use the heat generated by the incinerator of the crematorium in order to generate enough heat to warm the local swimming pool. This could save the council around £14,500 a year on heating bills.

The heat that is generated by the crematorium is currently lost in the atmosphere after it is used, but the council suggested reusing would be a good idea and would save them money and energy.

However, people think it is a big wrong to have the pool heated from something that’s used to burn dead people. But why? It’s not as though the pool is actually coming into contact with anything to do with the dead people. It is simply being heated by an appliance that serves another purpose, which makes sense rather than the energy being wasted.

However, the matter is still up for discussion with the locals, as clearly some people would rather wasted a large amount of money and energy rather than feeling creeped out a little when they went swimming.

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