Topshop boss says government spending is shocking

October 11, 2023


Sir Phillip Green has stated that no business could survive on the level of money wasted by the government.
Prime minister, David Cameron picked Sir Phillip Green who runs the Arcadia Group - the largest privately owned clothing retailer in the UK, with 2500 outlets - to look at the government spending. His report focuses on the spending of goods and services such as computers, office supplies, travel and management of the government property portfolio.
Speaking to the BBC’s Robert Peston he expressed that the information held about the government’s spending is not accountable and if he is ran his fashion business in the same manner ‘the lights would go out’. He believes that billions could be saved if the government properly checked its spending.
Sir Philip said: “The process is shocking. There’s no reporting, there’s no accountability.
He also states that there is a lack of centralization which has led to different government departments paying completely different prices for the same product. Government inefficiencies like this are leading to constant wastage. Sir Phillip feels that the government is not making enough of its scale, credit rating and buying power.
Minster for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude expressed that what Sir Phillip has discovered is ‘staggering’. He suggests that although the government is not a traditional business it should act in a ‘more business-like manner’.
The cabinet are expected to announce the Comprehensive Spending Review program of serious cuts in public spending next week. It is believed that around £83 billion is to be taken out of the annual public spending by 2016 which is the most in 80 years. Rigorous talks are due to take place in the next few days before the official announcement on October 20th.


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