Google Finance - a really serious article for once. Sorry.

March 24, 2023


Google recently released a long awaited offering of Google Finance.

Yahoo and MSN have been offering similar services for some time. All the more similar due to at least one key ex-Yahoo! Finance member of staff, Katie Stanton, being involved with the new Google project.

Building on the existing Google News and Google Blog Search, this Google service allows you to get back news and blog search results related to companies listed in the finance area, although this is currently only covering companies in North America, however Google has said that it plans to expand “very quickly” to other countries and regions of the world in the future, although there’s no rollout timetable planned yet.

Many commentators feel a little let down by the new offering, as it does not appear to present much of an extension over the sevices offered by its more established competitors, with the possible exception of the Stock Charts With News Events and Interactive Stock Chart Timetables functions, however, there are already plans to release targeted discussion groups for various companies, based on the existing Google Groups service, and there is a large amount of scope for future integration with Googles other services.

Although the initial release may not be the all encompassing service that many were looking for, if there is one thing that Google does not lack at present, it is vision. Expect this service to get some major developments as the roll outs increase.

And finally a quick message from the big one with scales


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