Choosing a different kind of security

July 5, 2023


I liked the heading in the Sunday Herald last Sunday (3rd July 2008) …

“Sharp fall in first-time buyers casts a long shadow over housing market”

Oh I hope so.

1) I am fed up with my friends becoming anxious about getting on to property ladder, especially when they have to give up their social life to do so and even more so when their parents cough up some of their retirement savings to assist their offspring. Does anyone have a twenties anymore?

2) We have lost all interesting topics of conversation because of people’s obsession with property

3) It is ridiculous (I say!) how expensive property has become and the fact that people are allowed to get multiple mortgages on sketchy finances - pushing up property prices and forcing people to rent

4) I know quite a few people who have “embellished” the exact figure for their earnings, allowing them to get bigger mortgages than they could get normally

It’s about time my generation learnt to stand on their own two feet… rather than everyone else’s…

How granny am I….?


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