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A park home is an unattached bungalow-style house, generally set in a personal estate, where they're found on stories called 'pitches'.  In regulation, they are referred to as 'mobile homes' and are covered by their own regulation - the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as modified by the Real estate Act 2004, and much more just recently the Mobile Homes Act 2013 (in England) - there are likewise legal arrangements in Wales and Scotland. Park houses are built to follow British Standard BS3632, which dictates strict health and safety requirements. For additional about the validities go here. Park homes are designed to be lived in permanently - modern-day ones are well protected and have main heating, double glazing and energy-efficient central heating boilers, implying you can be cozy and comfortable without it setting you back a fortune. They are easy to maintain, so you can invest your money and time on even more intriguing points!
Reasons to compare park home insurance quotes online

There is massive flexibility in design, layout and size. A park home usually has in between one and 3 bed rooms, sometimes with an ensuite, plus a resting area, dining location, completely fitted kitchen and bathroom/s. Most have workable gardens and plenty of parking spaces; some have garages.
Park homes, by nature, are not your common or conventional residences. They are mobile. For this reason, the park home insurance that you will acquire must match the lifestyle of the owner and other facets that are pertinent to the use of the park home.

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Cheap Park Home Insurance Comparison | Compare Park Home Insurance Quotes Online