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A coach is a type of bus used for conveying passengers on excursions and on longer distance intercity bus service between cities-- or even between countries. Unlike transit buses designed for shorter journeys, coaches often have a luggage hold separate from the passenger cabin and are normally equipped with facilities required for longer trips including comfortable seats and sometimes a toilet. The term 'coach' was previously used for a horse-drawn carriage designed for the conveyance of more than one passenger, the passengers' luggage, and mail, that is covered for protection from the elements. The term was applied to railway carriages in the 19th century, and later to motor coaches.

Coaches, as they hold passengers for significant periods of time on long journeys, are designed for comfort. They vary considerably in quality from country to country and within counties. Higher specification vehicles include luxury seats and air conditioning. Coaches typically have only a single, narrow door, as an increased loading time is acceptable due to infrequent stops. Coaches, like buses, may be fully built by integrated manufacturers, or a separate chassis consisting of only an engine, wheels and basic frame may be delivered to a coachwork factory for a body to be added. A minority of coaches are built with monocoque bodies without a chassis frame. Due to its unique characteristics, a coach likewise requires unique coach insurance.

Reasons to compare Coach Insurance quotes online

A coach is rather nominally pricey to get. It is in this respect that one typically wishes to take excellent care of it as much as possible. It is in this regard that coach owners make it a point to usually get an economical coach insurance policy. This is to just cover some expenses when something unfortunate takes place to the vehicle.

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Cheap Coach Insurance Comparison | Compare Coach Insurance Quotes Online