The cost of having a dream honeymoon!

January 25, 2016



What they don’t tell you when you start planning a wedding, is that not only are weddings expensive, but so are honeymoons!

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I have always thought that a honeymoon should be the perfect get away, your idea of a dream holiday, not just somewhere you could go any time but a real once in a lifetime sort of experience.
I’ve always wondered why so many couples either don’t have a honeymoon or choose to spend their holidays lazing around on a beach rather than off adventuring in a far flung land. But now that I’m faced with planning my own dream Honeymoon I’m starting to understand why.

Follow your dream, but it’ll cost you

For me and my fiancé the dream is Canada; the plan, hire a campervan and road trip around Ontario for two weeks. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Sure, flights will cost a little more than a trip to say the Maldives but surely we’ll make that back by hiring a van rather than staying in a posh hotel…wrong!

When the time came to research our amazing honeymoon idea it turned out that this in fact was not the case. The price of the flights alone turned out to be more than double the cost of an all-inclusive Holiday package to a beach resort, and hiring a campervan is no cheaper than staying in a four star hotel! Then of course you have the cost of holiday clothes, travel insurance, food, and spending money for days out and souvenirs. All of this comes at a price and that price is high.

So where does this leave honeymooners? With the average cost of a Honeymoon exceeding £3000 after an average £20,000 has already been spent on the big day itself, it’s not hard to see why some couples choose the beach package option or in some cases no honeymoon at all. But there are some ways to make the cost of having your dream holiday a little easier on the already tightly squeezed pockets.

Patience is a virtue

Take your time and shop around; it may not sound like something you’re up for while already planning a wedding, but taking the time to really look at what’s available can save you a few hundred pounds. After just one hour spent trawling the internet for cheap flights I’ve already managed to knock £500 off the cost so far.

You’re planning a honeymoon so use this to your advantage.  Try seeing what kind of upgrades you can get on flights; hotel rooms etc. because you are on honeymoon.  As they always, say if you don’t ask, you don’t get and you could end up getting first class flights for cheaper.

Don’t take a package deal just because it looks like a good deal, compare the cost to how much it would cost if you booked the part separately, you may well find that you can find things cheaper if you book it yourself.  You might even get more for your money doing it that way.

Timing is everything

Consider dates, although it would be nice to jet off and relax the day after your wedding, if this is a summer event then this could end up costing you an arm and a leg.  If you don’t mind waiting until the summer season is coming to an end you could possibly half the cost of your honeymoon, and chances are you’ll have a much quieter get-away too.

At the end of the day it is important to decide what matters most to you and your partner: if the destination is important then you might need to make savings on your accommodation;, if it’s a 5-star experience you are after then you could choose to stay close to home in order to enjoy a perfect pampering.

Do you have any tips for cutting the costs of having a dream honeymoon? Let us know in the comments below!


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