Festive Season Savings

November 26, 2015


Photo by djeucalyptus

Photo by djeucalyptus

December is always the most expensive month of the year no matter how many saving schemes you try. You’ve got to buy presents, food, post-bloat outfits and (most importantly) alcohol. It’s great that you can stock up on alcohol in bulk at the supermarket and make some savings there. Still with the thought of having to tailor your presents for everyone, something for your mum, something for your brat of a sister… wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could create something wonderful that everyone would undoubtably like? Yes it would, and it’s the reasoning behind my fantastic Christmas present idea!

After working in the hospitality industry, specifically bars, I’ve grown to love, understand and appreciate alcohol for all it’s worth. So this year, now that most of my immediate family and friends are above the drinking age I’ve decided to create alcoholic Christmas hampers for presents in a bid to save a bit of money. I’ve focused on two festive alcoholic concoctions, Blueberry Gin and Spiced Rum. I’ve been doing a lot of calculations, thinking about how much I’d usually spend on each person for Christmas. It looked  like I was spending an average of £20 on around 10 people. Shockingly I thought to myself, that’s £200 on presents for other people and that doesn’t even include myself or my boyfriend! So inevitably, here’s my guide to Festive Season Savings.

Based on a hamper of two samples (one of the gin, and one of the rum) for 20 people

  • 42 Mini Presentation Bottles from Lakelands = 48.93
  • Litre bottle of Gordons Gin = £17.00
  • Litre bottle Lambs Navy Rum = £18.00
  • 350g frozen blueberries = £2.10
  • Spice kit (including cinnamon, cloves, vanilla bean, allspice berries & nutmeg) £10
  • Granulated sugar = £1.55

Total = £97.58 A whole £100 cheaper than my usual spend and it’s for double the amount of people, bargain! 

Photo by stijn

Photo by stijn

The best thing about this method of saving some festive money is that it is so easy to do. The advantages of this festive gift are three fold. Firstly, you can use the bottles that the alcohol comes in to preserve your concoctions by tipping out a couple of spoonfuls to add the other ingredients (I guess the logical thing would be to drink the spoonfuls). Secondly, another advantage of this money-saving present is that they last for ages, you don’t really need to worry about them going off and you’ll know that your present is unlikely to be wasted. Lastly, if you don’t mind spending a little extra money you can buy display boxes, straw and perhaps a pen for writing on glass to really personalise your presents. There is only one thing about these recipes that you need to think about and that’s timing. Both need at least a month to brew, it’s to infuse and mature the flavours. It’s especially important for the gin recipe as the sugar needs to completely dissolve, otherwise you’ll be left with a very sickly-sweet blueberry gin liqueur.

So, it’s really hard to get wrong, it’s cheap and its personal. What could be better? Save money and start creating your festive fun now to be ready in time for Christmas, good luck!

Have you ever had a go at making your own infused or flavoured spirits? Was it part of some festive season savings? Let us know in the comment section below or give us some more ideas for festive season savings. 


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