Woman eats 183 chicken wings for $1,500

September 6, 2015


Image National Buffalo Wings festival's photos

The tenth annual National Buffalo Wings festival has been held with a woman weighing only 48kg winning the prize!

The event is held in Buffalo, New York and the chicken wing eating competition features as part of the wider festival which also includes events like; the 5K Chicken Wing Run, Ridiculously Hot Wing Eating Contest, Miss Buffalo Wing, Bobbing for Wings, Baby Wing, and Yancey’s Fancy Cheesiest Couple Contest.

Sonya Thomas, nicknamed the Black Widow for her ability to out-eat her male rivals, munched her way through 183 chicken wings in only 12 minutes. “This is equivalent to 5.17lb (2.35kg) of wings,” noted Brian Kahle, spokesman of the event in the city where Buffalo wings were born. As the winner Sonya has received the $1,500 top prize. This means that Sonya earned her self $8.20 for every wing she gobbled, making them pretty expensive wings! The runner-up wins $750, and third place gets $300.

But eating wings isn’t the only talent Sonya has. As well as being a Burger King Manager, she also holds records for eating the most jalapeno peppers, clams, oyster, soft tacos and chicken tenders in separate contests.

Fancy entering the competition next year?  Have a look at the video below for more info!

Would you attempt to eat nearly 200 chicken wings for $1500? Let us know in the comment section below!


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