The cost of the Royal Wedding

July 27, 2015


Remember the big day? Kate Middleton looking radiant, Prince William looking regal, and Pippa Middleton looking…even more radiant.

With just under a third of the world’s population watching William and Kate’s royal wedding unfold, the changes are that you do remember it – even if you were one of the refusniks who tried desperately to avoid it.

It was the very essenceof british pomp and ceremony, but did you ever think about the cost involved? Well the people at BANKRUPTINGAMERICA.ORG have and have broken it sown on this infographic. Have a look for yourself.

The numbers are in US dollars, but no less staggering for all that when you consider that the average American wedding costs around $29,0000 with the average UK wedding topping out at around £20,000 you have to wonder why the royal couple had to spend so much.

Do you think the cost of the royal wedding was justifiable while the UK economy recovers from the economic downturn?

The Price of Pomp & Circumstance

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