Top-earning dead celebrities list revealed

November 1, 2013


So the list of the top dead celebrities has been revealed, and Michael Jackson has topped the list. The list is put together by Forbes magazine, and with Jackson earning $173m in the last year, it’s clear why he topped the list. In fact, this is more than any celebrity alive or dead; expect for Oprah Winfrey, so go her.

It has come as no surprise really considering how crazy fans went for all his CDs after his death. This is not to mention all the t-shirts, radio plays, merchandise, DVDs and all the profits that came from ‘This Is It’ being in the cinema and coming out on DVD.

Jackson’s total estate is said to have earned more the 12 celebrities under him combined, which is insane considering Elvis Presley and John Lennon are below him. He was also out-earning huge alive celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and Jay-Z.

Considering Jackson’s debts were around $500m when he did in 2012, it’s crazy to think how much he has earned since his death.

So, there were other people mentioned in the list apart from Jackson, so here are the top ten high earning celebrities.

1. Michael Jackson.
2. Elvis Presley.
3. J.R.R. Tolkien.
4. Charles Schulz (he wrote the Peanuts comics).
5. John Lennon.
6. Stieg Larsson (he wrote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book).
7. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel).
8. Albert Einstein.
9. George Steinbrenner (New York Yankees boss).
10. Richard Rodgers (half of Rodgers and Hammerstein).

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