Greggs’ sales rise because of breakfast range

October 7, 2013


Everyone has been feeling the effects of the recession lately, and that includes popular brands. Greggs the bakers have a lot of competition on the high street, with places like Subway and Baguette Express offering the same type of products at similar prices.

However, Greggs has reported a 0.2% rise for its 3rd quarter on like-for-like sales, which means they aren’t including the all the new stores it opened during that time. Even though the rise is modest, seeing as the rise at the beginning of the year was 0.7%, Greggs chief executive Ken McMeikan is happy that people are continuing to spend their money in Greggs, even in these hard times.

The breakfast range was first introduced into the bakery back in February of this year, which allowed Greggs to broaden their market, as they no longer only sold lunchtime meals and snacks. So now you have the option to get something a little more breakfasty and maybe even healthier than stuffing down a sausage roll and a steak bake on the way to work in the morning.

Greggs now offers a breakfast range which includes breakfast rolls, muffins, coffee and orange juice, with the bacon roll now being the shop’s most popular sandwich. The range is set to expand to contain things like croissants, porridge and pains au chocolat. This offers customers another option in the morning, especially for those of us who feel a bit dirty going into McDonald’s before lunchtime.

Currently Greggs has 1451 shops, with 32 of those opening this year alone. With further expansion plans to get the number of new shop up to somewhere between 50 and 60 it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere – which is a good thing because the Halloween ring buns are out, and I need to complete my collection from last year.

Image via Greggs

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