Terms and conditions – for article distribution

October 24, 2008


On another round of article distribution discovered two sites owned by the same person who have been readily accepting our articles – but publishing the content under their own name.

Webnewswire.com and PressTrust.com are owned by Pooja Sharma and contain content from a variety of sources, including the Money Lion. I would strongly recommend not bothering with Webnewswire.com and PressTrust.com – as they will strip out all of your personal information and your links.

If anyone else wants to reprint / publish our material – you are welcome, providing you leave our author info and links intact. Expect a grizzly post about your site should you behave otherwise!!

You’ve been warned!

But then so have I – perhaps after months of preaching to the wired world to “always read the terms and conditions” – maybe I should read them myself!

Cash Z – ggrrrrrr….


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